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Canadian Maple Bear Kindergarten in Vietnam, we are honored to offer three unique educational programs that best suit children’s needs, with a modern, child-centered educational approach.


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Maple Bear Canadian Preschool offers learning programs for children from 15 months to 6 years old. Based on age and classroom size, we arrange the ratio of teachers to the number of children in an optimal way with small class sizes.


If Language, Knowledge and Skills are the three factors that determine “Success” in children, then with Maple Bear we aim to give children the “Success” factor.

“Patience” is the golden factor that determines success in shaping personality and encouraging positive behaviors in children.
Thoroughly apply standard models of behavior and emotions for children during the golden period of thinking and cognitive development.
Develop social cognitive behaviors for children:
– Know how to respect others
– Adjust emotions
– Know how to share and care
– Recognize and accept differences
– Actively express personal views on things and phenomena


At Canadian Maple Bear Kindergarten, the teaching staff is always interested in developing the fine motor skills of preschool children through interesting activities such as using pencils, scissors, folding and dressing. clothes or picking, stringing beads or building towers… This helps to better develop hand muscles and the dexterity of children’s fingers. Comprehensive physical education activities such as swimming, gymnastics… at Canadian Maple Bear preschool aim to enhance the coordination between fine motor skills and gross motor skills in preschool children, while supporting the development of preschool children. Develop hand motor skills and finger dexterity. Besides, children are also guided and participate in interesting outdoor activities.

At Canadian Maple Bear Kindergarten, preschool-aged children develop skills such as sharing, waiting, making polite requests and learning to solve problems independently using words. . Preschool children will learn honesty, how to say sorry to others when they make mistakes, and other complex social skills. At preschool age, children are ready to develop empathy for others and Maple Bear kindergarten teachers will be the ones to guide and help children think about their actions, so that they understand their actions. How will it affect the people around you? Teachers at Maple Bear Kindergarten encourage children to respect and help others in all situations to create a warm and caring community.

For preschool children, learning from each other is always one of the best ways for children to firmly grasp educational content while also learning about kindness and patience with their peers and people around them. Not only do older children learn and help each other, but they are also role models and guides for younger children in daily educational and fun activities. This promotes children’s confidence and self-belief in preschool children.

As children’s language abilities improve every day, the goal of Canadian Maple Bear preschool is to provide and facilitate children with many opportunities to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions with others. another friend. The teachers at Maple Bear School believe that this will give preschool children confidence and build a foundation for future speaking skills.

At Canadian Maple Bear preschool, we always encourage children to speak in complete and grammatically correct sentences as much as possible through repetition and repetition. Show and Tell activities provide opportunities for preschool-age children to express themselves and practice speaking in full sentences. Teachers at the school design appropriate activities and environments so that children can confidently express, share their opinions and assert themselves. From there, children will become natural communicators and achieve rapid progress in communication.

At preschool age, children are introduced to writing. Children will first become familiar with individual letters, then progress to words, phrases and sentences. And through beautiful and attractive pictures, our children will also be introduced to reading skills by starting from common words and then moving on to words with more complex content to understand. Content of stories, poems… In addition, Math skills such as basic addition and subtraction are also gradually introduced each year.

The team of teachers at Canadian Maple Bear Kindergarten always encourage children to find their own voice and express themselves in each child’s unique way. Through creative art activities or group discussions, children will be created environments to express themselves.

Teachers at Canadian Maple Bear preschool especially focus on teaching children how to share and respect others, helping children listen and understand that everyone has different talents and roles in society in order to behave differently. Treat and handle situations properly.

The preschool period lays the first foundation for a person’s lifelong learning journey. That’s why the team of teachers at Canadian Maple Bear Kindergarten always evoke in children curiosity, a passion for discovery and a desire for learning that will follow them throughout their lives. Coming to Canadian Maple Bear preschool, children will review and learn new and interesting concepts through music, games and many other interesting activities. With many attractive activities suitable for each age group at school, children will be more interested and passionate about learning about the world around them.


Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten operates daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Depending on the curriculum and age, we will make appropriate detailed changes. Below is a general schedule of daily activities for children at Maple Bear school.




Show and Tell activities are organized to equip children with additional skills in:

Language, including listening and speaking skills.
Confidence when presenting in front of a crowd.
Reveal yourself in a diverse way.


Every year, Maple Bear School organizes a musical performance for children to show off their talents and progress.
These performances are an opportunity to increase children’s confidence on stage as well as help them become more active in drama, music and movement.

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