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An event that “had overcome so many challenges” to reach its official date still encountered some difficulties due to the unfavorable weather. But then, the Culture Day 2021, after a period of cancellation and some worries about the epidemic, has been taking place very successfully.

Maple Bear parents and students, or other parents and students who simply love the school, hope to have an environment with positive experiences, joined in the event with great excitement.

Students were free to experience and explore the interesting cultural features through typical cultural art activities, games and cuisines such as disguising themselves as Brazil’s aboriginals, appearing brilliant in Korean and Mexican traditional costumes, trying to make Indian fireworks and playing some traditional folk games of other countries namely snow spray, Canadian hockey…

Especially, not only students but parents are also attractive to the food court with attractive smells from the typical dishes of different countries such as Gulab Jamun Rose Cake, Mexican Tacos, Korean Tokboki…

Human values are also expressed through the support of parents and students at the booths. All profits from the activities will be directly donated to the “Class of Hope” at the National Hospital for Children and the Autism Fund.

The event also had the presence of a special guest – singer Thai Thuy Linh. She is both a parent of Maple Bear and a person who always accompanies with us in voluntary activities. Parents and students had a chance to listen to her sharing about her companionship with Maple Bear during the past time, as well as her understanding of the humanistic activities the school has been building that she really treasures.

Maple Bear would like to express our sincere thanks to all guests, parents and students for your support, love and trust towards what Maple Bear has been doing for our students. Today, it is just a journey to experience the world’s cultures; tomorrow, there will be many more journeys called “Happiness” and “Maturity”.

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